Financial Performance

It's the basis for your company's strength, growth, and stability. By improving the revenue cycle, ClaimTek Collections enhances the financial performance of your company with our tools and procedures. Our goal is to get you paid.

ClaimTek Collection's Letter Service is a great tool to help identify bad debt at an early stage. Letters are designed to communicate the urgency of payment, instructing your client to remit the balance. If your client has good intentions of resolving the unpaid amount, they will respond with payment in full.

Third party intervention is a powerful and highly motivating factor for individuals who wish to protect their credit record. Our system is the perfect low-cost way to act fast and get paid! Below you can see survey results:

Effective Recovery Services

An intelligent system for getting past-due balances paid. Communications from a collection agency convey immediate urgency to the debtor. Our processes are proven to get your accounts settled, while maintaining a good working relationship with your customers. More Info...

Medical Billing Recovery

ClaimTek Collections offers services specific to the Medical Billing Community. Virtually all states have legislation in place requiring insurance companies to pay or deny claims. Yet, claims are not always paid or denied within these legal requirements. More Info...

Why Our System

  1. Being a national collection agency we are required by the FDCPA to include a "Federally Mandated Dispute Clause". This clause states that all portions of this claim shall be assumed valid unless disputed in writing within 30 days of receiving this notice. The payer is not only put on notice legally but forced to deny or pay or deny within 30 days or lose not only the right to dispute the claim but also be obligated to pay 100% of the claim. Also, being a national collection agency provides a very strong paper trail of non-compliance with state legislation and regulations.
  2. Because of the changes in the mix of payers (HMOs, Managed Care, etc.), Our Collections division has designed specific communications for insurance companies and other corporations that have all the necessary information for them to process the incident. We have the ability to "touch every incident" every 10 days, for a fixed fee, that is impossible for the provider or your billing service to match. We will contact the payer up to five times requesting payment or denial.